Student Flute Recital 2011 Kelly, Kelly, Tomiko, and DJ Trina tuning High School Flute Ensemble

Teaching Philosophy

Learning how to play the flute, or any instrument, requires dedication, discipline, enthusiasm, and patience. I strive to be an inspiring teacher and to share my knowledge and experience. In return I expect willingness of students to focus during lessons and practice regularly at home. As a teacher I emphasize good flute tone and steady rhythm as a foundation for making great music.

Flute Lessons

I teach 4th-12th grade students who show genuine interest in learning about music and how to play the flute. I enjoy working with students of all experience and ability levels.

Students interested in studying with me must first schedule an interview and/or audition for admittance into my studio. My studio tends to be quite full, but free spots occasionally open up, so don't hesitate to contact me for availability and current tuition rates.

Private lessons are the fastest and best way for a student to progress with the flute. Here are some sample audio clips of several of my students at various stages of development. During private flute lessons, I address the following aspects of flute playing:

Tone I believe that a good sound is the most vital aspect of flute playing. With students of all levels, I emphasize making a clear, strong, and supported sound. Also involved in making a good flute tone is learning to control dynamics, breathing, vibrato, and intonation.

Technique Technique begins with simply learning flute fingerings and reading basic music notation. Later technique focuses on playing scales, exercises, articulation, and etudes with even, smooth, relaxed, quick, and controlled finger movement.

Ensemble playing Rarely do people perform concerts alone. Whether it is with the school band, small ensembles, or a solo with piano accompaniment, students must be able to perform with others. I play flute duets with all of my students, emphasizing steady rhythm, intonation, and ensemble technique. I also direct a flute ensemble, so that students can gain experience playing together. Enrollment in this ensemble is open to my high school students.

Repertoire It is important for students to learn a variety of pieces from the classical flute repertoire. I make sure that each student becomes familiar with music from different time periods, composers, and styles. Advanced students also learn orchestral excerpt repertoire.


Private lessons are attended on a weekly basis. These are the recommended lesson lengths:

  • Beginner students (1 year or less experience): 30 minute weekly lessons
  • Intermediate students (1-3 years experience): 45 minute weekly lessons
  • Advanced students (3+ years experience): 60 minute weekly lessons

A full list of policies will be provided upon studio admittance.


Every student is expected to practice at home at least 5 days per week. Minimum practice session lengths vary depending on needs of individual students and range between 20 minutes (for beginners) to several hours (for very serious high school students). Regular, consistent practice at home is more important than the length of any one practice session and is crucial for every student's progress and development.

Students are expected to own a flute in good working condition, music stand, metronome, and tuner.

I highly encourage students to participate in performing ensembles either at school or outside of school. Much knowledge and experience is acquired from ensemble playing and working with conductors.

Participation in music competitions, festivals, and auditions is encouraged and recommended to students on an individual basis.